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Second Grade Research Papers

June 11, 2012

Mrs. Ciesielski's second grade class researched animals using encyclopedias, books, and the Internet as resources.  The students filled in an outline to organize their information. They used the information to create PowerPoint presentations and wrote research papers about the animals they researched. Wow! Did they work hard! Scroll down to read the students' papers.


All About Hawks

By Courtney McClaney


Hawks are interesting animals. Hawks are birds. They have wings and feathers. It is a bird that eats fish.

Hawks are birds of prey. Birds are the only animals with feathers. They also have a strong beak to tear food. They have wings to help them fly.

Hawks eat different things like birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and insects.

Hawks live on every continent except Antarctica because it is too cold there.

Hawks have strong wings that can help them fly real fast. They have a strong  beak to tear food.

I think birds are interesting. I would like to fly too.


The World Book Student Encyclopedia




All About Boa Constrictors

By Macayla Miller

Boa constrictors are interesting animals. They are reptiles like an alligator.  A reptile is covered with dry scales and lays eggs.

Boas have zero legs and arms. Even though they do not lay eggs they are reptiles. Boas also have scales on their body.

Boas eat frogs, rats, fish, and birds. Boa constrictors also eat them whole.

Boas live in the countries in the continent of South America.

Boas have stretchy bands of tissue that attach a boa constrictor’s upper and lower jaws. They also have strong muscles to squeeze their prey to death.

Snakes have no eyelids. The snakes’ ears are inside their head.  Boas are up to 10 to 14 feet long.  Boas kill their prey by suffocating them to death.

I enjoyed learning about boas. They are awesome creatures!


The World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia

Getting to Know Nature's Children-Snakes by Merebeth Switzerland & Katherine Grier




All About Seahorses

By Joel Paulus


Seahorses are interesting animals.  They are a type of fish. A fish is an animal that lives in water and has gills.

Seahorses can curl their tail to hold something. It is a small animal with a small head that looks like a horse.

Seahorses live in warm shallow seas and they eat only small shrimp.

Did you know the smallest seahorse in the world is about the size of a baked bean?

Male seahorses have a pouch on their ventral or front-facing side to hold the baby seahorses.

I liked to research about a seahorse because it is a cool animal.


Sea Creatures

Under the Sea

The World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia




All About Dolphins

By Bailey Hardick


Dolphins are interesting animals. Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals.  Mammals have fur or hair and make milk to feed their young.

Dolphins have fins tails, and flippers.  They use lungs to breathe and have very sharp teeth.

The foods they eat are fish, little or big fish.

Dolphins live in saltwater oceans. Sometimes they live in theme parks where they do tricks.

Dolphins talk to each other! Dolphins sing, click, and whistle. They also can dive as far as 300 m (984 ft).

Some other interesting facts for dolphins are that male dolphins are called bulls and female dolphins are called cows.

Learning about dolphins was fun. I can't believe they are not fish.



The World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia


Mammal by David Burnie


All About Salamanders

By Malachi Parker


Salamanders are interesting animals.  Salamanders, frogs, and toads are amphibians that live part of its life in water and part of its life on land.

Salamanders have long thin bodies and are about seven inches long,  and they have long tails that can grow back. They have four legs that can grow back.

Salamanders eat small animals and their own egg shell. They also eat insects.

Salamanders begin their life in water. When they are grownups they live on land and in the forest.

Some interesting facts are that they have blood vessels in their lungs. There are about 100 salamanders in the world!



Frogs, Toads, Lizards, and Salamanders by Nancy Winston Parker




All About Horses

By Helena Akiwumi

Horses are interesting animals. They are mammals just like people.  A mammal is an animal that has fur or hair and makes milk for its young.

Horses have long legs to run fast and they have a long nose for eating. They have fur to keep them warm in the winter.

Horses eat grass, hay, oats, sugar cubes, alleles, and molasses.  They really like carrots the best.

Horses live in meadows and plains. But you know what else is cool? They live in a desert too!

Horses stay together in groups of 3 to 20. They also weigh about 440 to 750 pounds. That is more than 100 pounds.

I really love horses a lot. I wanted to research a horse.





All About Penguins

By Noelle Ceranski


Penguins are interesting animals. Penguins are birds that lay eggs and have wings.

Penguins have legs that go slow.  They also have wings but cannot fly. They swim instead. Their back is black and their belly is white.

Penguins eat squid, fish, and krill.

Penguins have slow feet and short legs. They are graceful swimmers.

Did you know penguins do not live in the Arctic?  Winter arrives in Antarctica in March.

I like penguins. That's why I wrote about them.



Penguins by Bobbie Kalman

The World Discovery Encyclopedia




All About Hammerhead Sharks

By Christian Trotter


Hammerhead sharks are interesting animals. They are a type of fish. A fish is an animal that lives in water and has gills.

Hammerhead sharks have fins and gills. They also have eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Their head is shaped like a hammer.

They eat penguins, seals, and turtles. They also eat fish and crabs.

The hammerhead lives in shallow and deep waters. They also live in oceans and tropical waters.

Hammerhead sharks have deadly jaws to attack their prey.  A hammerhead can grow 13 feet long. The name comes from the shape of its head.

I think sharks are cool. That is why I researched them.



Sharks by Claire Llewellyn



All About Chameleons

By Francesca Hanna


Chameleons are interesting animals because they are reptiles.  A reptile lives on land and has skin that is covered with dry scales.

The chameleon’s skin changes color with light, temperature, and mood.  They have a very long tongue. They feed on different kinds of insects. They have a long sticky tongue to zap their food. Yum! Most chameleons live in Africa.

Something I found interesting I that there are more than 100 types of chameleon in the world.

I like chameleons because thei R funny when they stick their long tongue out.




The True Book of Reptiles 



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